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The name holds tribute to honour my diverse Eurasian and Indigenous heritage.

For  all the trials in my life that has allowed me to bloom.

Art is a gift and my Papa gave it to me.

Te amo Papá, te llevas mi corazón contigo...

 I grew up in a home filled with very perculiar smells brewing from pots for medicinal aids, apothecary, oils and incense. There were rituals, traditions, songs, storytelling, books and art...

but the most significant memory is love.

My love is Art and my offering to this world is my Art.

My intentions to magnify my purpose through Art,  lead me in the direction of Holistic Art Therapy studies.

Art was my medicine and Art Therapy amplified all the messages within my art works. 

Art Therapy gave me an insight to heal and to validate and through my darkest hour it gave me light.

I was able to shift and evolve, developing a conscious and profound level of self understanding.

Art is the most powerful medium that can transcend and transform.

Art is the Voice of the Heart.

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